About Us

Plaza Ortega started with the essence of a Mexican market place in times of Pandemic, offering the most typical flavors of Mexico.

The desire to start his own business was what motivated Chef Jose Luis Ortega, who has 25 years of experience in restaurant service in New York City, because as he says: “Food is what I do best”.

Today there are many birria tacos in New York, and many of them seem designed to be photographed. At Plaza Ortega, all the food is designed to be eaten.

Plaza Ortega is the place you want to take all your friends so you can eat great food and hang out for hours. 

Here, the tacos are street size, the filling tucked into 4-inch tortillas and not too filling. The birria is great, but so are the al pastor and carne asada. 

The fish tacos are some of the best you’ll find in New York. If you want a special touch, you can order them gringas style and they will come welded with a layer of cheese crust and a flour tortilla. It’s a hit, but not the only one. The tortas here are hearty but not overdone; this is a sandwich you can eat while walking without making a mess. The birria ramen uses Nissin Cup Noodles as a base, and we’re pretty sure that’s why it’s so much better than other birria ramen.

You have to come and taste all this, and we haven’t even talked about the sweeter stuff. Mangonadas that touch all the taste zones, a agua fresca de horchata that takes you straight to Mexico. Plaza Ortega, not only a family owned and operated restaurant, also offers a variety of Michoacan delicacies, such as artisan popsicles, made with a special touch and true flavors of Mexico.

For Chef José Luis, his biggest dream is to make Plaza Ortega the place where all the products consumed by his customers are made by themselves, from the aguas frescas to the tortillas.

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 Plaza Ortega…

A little piece of Mexico in every dish.